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Join us on the Green at 5 for various sports!

Come and compete! The UNF Navigators are hosting a Warzone tournament in the format of Trios and only one team will be crowned. There will be a cash prize for the top team. 

7:45 zoom call for rules

Navs On Air is our big group gathering for anyone and everyone! We come together for a time of fellowship and discussing of topics that truly matter, through the lenses of the Bible. There is a physical and digital option! 


At the physical option all Social Distancing guidelines will be enforced and masks are encouraged. 

Come hang out with us at the beach to celebrate the first week of classes! Join us over at 16th Ave S for games, sports, or just an environment too chill.


Afterwards, we’ll grab pizza and ice cream at Biggie’s and Cookies and Cream!

Join us by the basketball courts by villages at 2 for various sports!



Join us on zoom for a time to meet and develop friendships with other UNF students.

The in person address for Navs on Air is 


4420 Hodges Blvd