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Missed a Nav Night? Want to listen to a sermon again?

Click below to listen to Nav Night messages.

God is calling you to live differently than the rest of the world...just how different?

A deep dive into our brokenness.

What is our reality as adopted sons & daughters of God? Why does this matter?

To date & have friendships well we need to clarify the pictures God has given.

Ever wonder if there is something to our gender? Is there a purpose or is it just a dice roll I deal with? Explore the purpose behind Male and Female.

How do I change what goes on in my mind? Matt Bahr exhorts us to memorize God’s Word so that our minds can be renewed.

Ever personally learn how to study God’s Word? This is a great step to take.

What are the 5 Great Commission Verses? That’s right, maybe there is more to this mission you are called to than you know.

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